That Fake App Just Stole Your ID

Ryan loved tweaking photos on his Android phone.

He’d heard rave reviews from his friends with iPhones about Prisma, a new iOS app for image editing. So when he heard Prisma would soon be released for Android, he logged in to the Google Play Store to see if it was there yet.

Smart Closing Technique, Step 2

By Dr. Geoff Smart

Let’s say you’re closing a deal and you’ve already taken the first step: you’ve summarized the client’s underlying need...

Now you’re ready for Step 2: Say what you plan to do.

Describe exactly what you’ll do to help the client successfully satisfy their underlying need.

Shiny New Gadget of the Month: Mevo Puts You in the Director’s Chair

A single static video camera can make for some pretty boring storytelling...but who’s got multiple cameras, a crew to run them and a team of editors?

Well, now your videos can look like you have an entire crew behind the scenes, with Mevo. Mevo is a new type of video camera and app that lets you shoot and edit multiple video shots on the fly, all while recording and/or lives- streaming.