The Simplicity Cycle

By Dan Ward

Today, it seems the world is more complex than ever. Business is no different. But in our quest to address the intricacies of our circumstances with our products, offerings, services, communication and everything else, too often something is lost.

Boiling Down The Best Business Advice

In a recent article for, several founders shared the best advice they’d received over their long and storied careers.

The wisdom runs the gamut, but reading through the article, it’s clear that the factors essential to being successful orbit a few key points: You need to be adaptable yet focused on the specific things that you and your business can do really well.

Why your phone has slow internet speed

In today’s world, staying connected means having a strong internet connection and a feature-packed smartphone. But you may discover that your internet-based apps are loading much more slowly after using your handset for just a few months. Learn four possible reasons why your phone’s internet speed is lagging. Router location One simple yet overlooked reason […]

Let Office 365 help you save the date

Arranging meetings that work with everyone’s schedules is a pain — especially if participants don’t work in your office. A calendar that is easy to share publicly simplifies everything from scheduling calls with clients to quarterly meetings with business partners. Here’s how you can achieve that with Office 365. Share an Office 365 calendar with […]

Is your business prepared for hurricanes?

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and certain parts of Louisiana the hardest. In the same year, Hurricane Irma devastated companies in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. During uncertain times, a disaster recovery (DR) plan is what saves companies from power outages and massive revenue losses. Let these tips guide you. Determine recovery hierarchy Certain […]

9 Cybersecurity terms you need to know

Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility. But you don’t need to be an IT expert to know how to protect yourself from a cyberattack. To help you get started, here are helpful terms you need to know so you’re not left in the dark, whether you’re teaching yourself how to update your anti-malware, updating your systems, or […]

Pour Your Heart Into It By Howard Schultz

Today, Starbucks is one of the most successful companies of all time, with a horde of loyal customers worldwide and one of the most recognizable identities in the history of branding, but it wasn’t always that way. Before it became extremely popular, it was just a humble coffee shop on a Seattle street corner.

Choose the best Office 365 plan

Office 365 has become the go-to all-in-one tool for businesses in recent years. With different Office 365 plans — Business, Business Premium, Enterprise E1, E3, and E5 — you can have a set of services and features that are perfect for your business. We’ve summarized a list of the different features of each plan to […]